Success Unlimited Presents to the Young Entrepreneurs Association

Success Unlimited Presents to the Young Entrepreneurs Association

Vancouver, BC – Rob Ciccone, President of Success Unlimited, a Vancouver-based applied marketing firm specializing in helping companies increase their sales and profits through systematic marketing initiatives, recently spoke at the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) “Business Matters” seminar series. 

“Having the opportunity to present at this function was a real honour as I have a tremendous respect for what the YEA does and its mandate of supporting business success and entrepreneurship,” said Ciccone. “In addition, this seminar series has featured some of the top business people and speakers in Vancouver, and to be a part of that group is quite a privilege.”

Both YEA members and non-members attended this event to network as well as to learn from local experts in the IT, human resources, accounting and marketing industries. Set up in a round-robin-like session, attendees first listened to each speaker present on their related topic of expertise. Once the presentations were completed, the presenters moved from table to table and answered questions from attendees. 

“This format really gave the audience an opportunity to get to know each of the presenters. It also allowed them to ask their questions in a more open and comfortable setting,” commented Harland Ross, Programs Coordinator for the YEA. Hartland, who was also the coordinator of this event, spoke very highly of Rob and his presentation. “We received some excellent feedback on the event and on Rob’s presentation itself. The advice he gave was very well received by the audience as he was someone that they could relate to, and the advice he gave was something that they could use immediately in their own businesses.”

Ciccone added: “In preparing for my presentation, it was clear that those in attendance were looking for business-building advice from both a marketing and implementation point of view. It was from this perspective that I delivered my presentation.” Rob’s presentation included tips on the concept of optimizing hidden marketing assets; the strategy of how to exponentially grow your business; the tactic of multiple marketing pillars; the philosophy of testing your marketing; and the philosophy of using direct response over image-based marketing. 

“Rob’s presentation proved to be a good fit for the audience. Providing information that was applicable to all in attendance, he was also easy to relate to both personally and professionally,” adds Hartland. 

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About Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group Inc.

Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group is a results-oriented marketing consulting firm that assists small to medium-sized businesses in the creation and implementation of comprehensive marketing systems. They take a unique approach to marketing that focuses on the many ways to grow a business, and which works those ways simultaneously. The strategies they use are based on proven systems that have helped hundreds of companies achieve dramatic and highly sustainable growth. 


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