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Think of Success Unlimited Sales and Marketing Group (SUSMG) as your local marketing team.  We can consult with you on individual projects. We can act as your de facto marketing department. And, we can set up a marketing strategy for you and help train an in-house marketing and sales team.

The team members at SUSMG are accomplished in all phases of marketing, from developing strategies, to bringing those strategies to life – online, in social media, and in conventional print and broadcast media. Everything we undertake for you is aimed at maximizing the return on your investment in marketing.

Meet the Team


Robert Ciccone

Robert Ciccone

President and Senior Marketing Strategist

Robert Ciccone is a Vancouver based marketing consultant, business consultant & advisor, coach, and speaker. He is the founder and President of Success Unlimited Sales and Marketing Group Inc.

Since 1997, Rob has brought 16 year proven track record to the clients with whom he works and to the programs he delivers, with extensive experience in front-line sales, management, marketing and business-building.

In addition to his real-world experience and formal studies in business and economics, Rob’s personal studies in management, training, psychology, coaching, communication, personal development and peak performance have enabled him to help manage the marketing operations of national and international companies.

After many years of working with and helping businesses improve their sales and marketing efforts, Rob has gained incredible and unique insights on what a small business can do to become more successful. He has also discovered some of the most commonly overlooked tools that a small business can use to improve sales without substantially increasing advertising or other overhead costs.

Tim Tweed

Creative Art & Design Director

Timothy works closely with our strategic director and senior copywriter to develop brand strategies and marketing concepts – then bring them to life as designs and layouts for all print, online and visual broadcast media. This work includes ads, brochures, landing pages, websites, HTML e-mails, animations and more.

As design director, Timothy manages projects from concept through to production, dealing with any photographers, animators, videographers or other outside specialists we may bring in. He also oversees all aspects of print pre-production.

Timothy is a graduate of BCIT, with 20 years of real-world experience as a designer and creative director. He has an eye for detail – and an understanding that design plays a critical role in persuading customers to act.

John Friesen

Senior Copywriter

John has over 25 years’ experience in corporate communications and direct-response marketing. He understands how to make contact with people through his words – and how motivate them toward positive action.

John’s direct-response experience includes mail campaigns, e-mail- and web-based campaigns, TV and radio commercials, print advertising, RSA animations, instructional and PR materials, and more. His work has brought in 10s of millions of dollars for clients in a wide range of B2B and B2C industries.

Melanie Jackson

Research and Copy Editor

Melanie is a professional editor and writer, with a specialty in business journalism, and extensive experience in corporate advertising and communications. With an MA in Journalism from Western Ontario, she has also written in the consumer genre for many newspapers and national magazines.

Mark Mehrnoosh

Senior Conversationalist

We call Mark our “conversationalist” because his specialty is starting up conversations with people… especially conversations between our clients and the people they want to build relationships with.
The preferred tool of his trade? The telephone.
Some people might call him a telemarketer, but that would not properly describe his skill: He brings a human touch to his work and treats every call he makes for you as a real conversation, not a hard sell. And he gets results. He has the proven ability to:

  • - Make cold calls so you don’t have to
  • - Generate appointments for your sales team
  • - Confirm and refresh your contacts database
  • - Obtain email permissions
  • - Market your events
  • - Conduct client and customer satisfaction surveys
  • - Sell your products and services directly


Mark has been conversing with people on the phone for over 20 years and a part of our team for the past eight.  He is an integral part of the marketing services we offer you. If the marketing program we create needs someone to get on the phones, Mark is who we utilize.

Ken Buis

Adaptive Search Engine Optimization & Web Strategist, Designer, Developer

Ken is a web strategist with 20+ years of international experience in developing adaptive search engine optimization strategies and websites for companies of all sizes. With a keen understanding of the latest developments in customizing websites to perform well on Google, he is able to assist companies to adapt to change and maintain high website ranking online, while providing easy access to content across all devices.

With formal studies in technology coupled with real world business experience, he brings a wealth of current knowledge to each project, while maintaining a strong focus on organic ethical search ranking and website design techniques.