Our Guarantee

Our "System Implementation" Guarantee


The guarantee is such that all fees paid to Success Unlimited for the implementation of the Success Unlimited Marketing System will be covered in increases or Success Unlimited will continue to implement the system at no cost until the fees are covered. This means no risk to the business owner. No other marketing firm guarantees their work. Success Unlimited has always been compensated for results.

How can we guarantee sales results?

Success Unlimited concentrates on qualified segments and types of business as potential clients. We know that our techniques and ideas will work for most businesses in that group - but not all. We offer an up front, free one-hour consultation to business owners to help them identify their needs and for us to determine whether or not our techniques will work for that particular business.



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More than quadrupled the overall response...

“Rob's marketing system has had a tremendous impact on many areas of our business, both in terms of increased sales and revenues. Rob's approach, concepts and systems combined with his great implementation and management of our plan has more than quadrupled the overall response of our promotions.”

Mike Hirata / Owner - Foto Fun Image Centre