Success Unlimited Launches E-Newsletter – The Success Journal

Vancouver, BC - Success Unlimited, a Vancouver-based applied marketing firm specializing in helping companies increase their sales and profits through systematic marketing initiatives, announced today the launch of their e-newsletter, The Success Journal. 

“We are happy and very excited to announce the release of our new e-newsletter,” says Rob Ciccone, President of Success Unlimited. “It will be a great resource tool for our clients and anyone who is responsible for the marketing functions of a company. It will also serve as a great communication tool for letting people know what new resources we have available, such as case studies and test results.” 

The Success Journal, which is set to be released every two months, will feature an article from Rob Ciccone on marketing and business building; a guest article on marketing, sales or leadership; new product and service announcements; inspirational quotes; useful tips and tools to help companies build their business; special announcements; upcoming events and much more. 

“This newsletter will combine theory with real life applications. Readers will be able to read actual case studies from our files and learn from the results of marketing tests we have conducted,” adds Ciccone. “By reading our newsletter, business owners will be able to learn some new marketing-related issues and tools that they can immediately apply to their own businesses.”

Anyone can sign up for this newsletter simply by logging onto the Success Unlimited website at and entering in their contact information on the form located right on the home page. Alternatively, you can also call the Success Unlimited office at 604.535.2111 to subscribe to The Success Journal.   


About Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group Inc.

Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group is a results-oriented marketing consulting firm that assists small to medium-sized businesses in the creation and implementation of comprehensive marketing systems. They take a unique approach to marketing that focuses on the many ways to grow a business, and which works those ways simultaneously. The strategies they use are based on proven systems that have helped hundreds of companies achieve dramatic and highly sustainable growth. 

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