Robert Ciccone Becomes Make It Business’s New Marketing Columnist

(Vancouver, BC)  Robert Ciccone, President of Success Unlimited Sales and Marketing Group Inc., has been selected by Make It Business to become its new marketing columnist.

The column is called the Marketing Channel, and appears in each issue of Make It Business. Rob’s first article, “Variety of pillars keep sales leads flowing in”, was published this month, and discussed the importance of every business using multiple marketing sources, which Rob refers to as “pillars”, to generate a consistent flow of new sales leads no matter what else might be happening with the economy, industry trends, or even the personal lives of key players in the business. The article also shows what can happen to a business that focuses only on one or two marketing pillars: if for some reason one pillar fails, the business will crumble.

Victor Chew Wong, publisher of Make It Business, shared his reasons for inviting Rob to join his team of contributing writers. Victor first met Rob while doing a story on Rob and one of his clients for the magazine’s December 2005/January 2006 issue. “When I did the story on him, I was very impressed with his manner and also how he went about conducting his business. Rob doesn’t deal in the realm of fibs; he deals in the realm of reality. His perspective is: if it’s not making money for you then it’s of no use to you, and we wouldn’t be serving you properly. The other thing about Rob that was interesting was this unique guarantee that he offers to his clients, where his company will provide a return on the client’s investment equal to the money you invest, and they will keep working until they meet that obligation. It was a real cut-and-dried no-nonsense approach and it was an extension of Rob himself, who is very sincere in that way, and I was impressed by that.”

Expanding on why he feels Rob is a valuable resource for Make It Business readers, Victor continued: “Rob practices what he preaches in his own business and has made it very successful; so this is real life, it works, and he helps other people do what he does. I wanted him to share that with our readers and help them get more from their marketing efforts, and to expand their businesses based upon his knowledge. I’m very happy to have Rob on board.”

When asked about joining Make It Business, Rob had this to say: “I read Make It Business regularly and look forward each issue. I like where they’re coming from… they’re coming from integrity and a focus on service, and I really think they are trying to do something different in this marketplace. So many business publications are slanted toward the needs of bigger business, and the small business person is often overlooked. But the small business owner is looking for proven business strategies they can really use, and Make It Business is providing that. I think Victor’s done a great job of putting together a blend of columnists that covers the spectrum of topics that will most benefit small business owners in our community. His philosophy and approach is in alignment with what I’m doing in my own business. Writing for Make It Business is simply a great vehicle for me to make a contribution to my target market.”

Make It Business ( publishes approximately 20,000 issues every other month, and plans to go monthly this fall. It serves the business community of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, with a target market of 30-55 year old business owners, managers, professionals and people in organizations who are interested in making those organizations better. The magazine focuses on topics ranging from business building to work/life balance, and recently added Michael Gerber, author of the “must-have” book for small business owners everywhere, The E-Myth Revisited, as the “Chief Dreamer” columnist and the focus of one of this month’s cover stories. 


About Success Unlimited and Robert Ciccone
Success Unlimited is a full-service marketing consulting firm that specializes in helping companies increase their sales and profits by creating and implementing comprehensive marketing systems.  Specifically designed for each individual client, our systems optimize and redeploy all underutilized or overlooked marketing strengths and simultaneously work the many different ways to grow a business. For more information on Success Unlimited, please visit

Robert Ciccone is a successful entrepreneur with ownership interests in three Vancouver-based companies and is the founder and President of Success Unlimited Sales and Marketing Group. Robert Ciccone can be reached at 604-535-2111 .

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