Success Unlimited Featured in Make It Business

Vancouver, BC – Success Unlimited, a Vancouver-based applied marketing firm specializing in helping companies increase their sales and profits through systematic marketing initiatives, today appeared in the December/January issue of Make It Business.

“We are thrilled to be in this month’s issue of Make It Business ,” said Rob Ciccone, President of Success Unlimited.  “Almost as exciting as our article is the fact that we are featured on the front page alongside marketing expert Michael Gerber. It is quite an honour.” The story, written by Make It Business publisher Victor Chew Wong, features one of Ciccone’s clients, Anne Carroll and her business, Logotex. The article chronicles the past five years at Logotex, documenting one particular sales downturn and how, with the help of Success Unlimited, Carroll managed to turn the business around and has prospered ever since.  

“Besides the fact that this article is a great testimonial for the work we do and how our client has benefited, it is also a great case study to show how companies facing the same situation as Logotex can turn things around and become profitable. It is written in a way that is inspiring for business owners who are facing a downturn and want to go to the next level. It shows them how one company did it with a simple, cost effective program that worked,” commented Ciccone.

From a business point of view, the article points out how this program has made all the difference for Anne Carroll and her business. Ciccone’s marketing strategy is based on the simple principle that a business must have a solid foundation if it is to survive. “Many companies have difficulty because they are building everything on only one or two marketing pillars and are without a solid foundation. This was the case with Logotex,” added Ciccone. By working closely with Anne and her team, Success Unlimited helped Logotex implement a focused strategy and a systematic approach to marketing. As a result, Logotex’s efforts have become more efficient. They have retained more customers and attracted quality sales representatives.” 

“The results of the article have been great. When people read how we have helped Logotex, they too want to find out how they can achieve similar results with their companies,” said Ciccone. “Many of our client companies do not have a marketing department of their own, so they are looking for a marketing group to whom they can outsource—one that can come up with the strategies and do the work as well. That’s exactly where Success Unlimited comes in.”

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About Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group Inc.

Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group is a results-oriented marketing consulting firm that assists small to medium-sized businesses in the creation and implementation of comprehensive marketing systems. They take a unique approach to marketing that focuses on the many ways to grow a business, and which works those ways simultaneously. The strategies they use are based on proven systems that have helped hundreds of companies achieve dramatic and highly sustainable growth. 

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